The Ranting Chef wins Chopped! (home version)

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Step by step recipes with pictures. How great is that!

Originally posted on Rantings of an Amateur Chef:

Several years ago I went through a phase of watching a lot of the Food Network.

  • Iron Chef was my favorite. There was drama, good cooking and lots of tips that I could pick up.
  • Good Eats – Alton Brown’s masterpiece of oddball comedy, science and cooking.
  • The Next Food Network Star – I was able to put myself in their place and wonder how I would do.
  • Finally, Chopped!

For those unfamiliar with Chopped!, the contestants receive a basket of ingredients and they have to make an appetizer including all of the ingredients. Often the ingredients were unusual or would not be commonly paired together. The judges evaluate the food (taste, originality and presentation) and one of the four contestants gets cut at the end of the round. Then on to the main dish with a new basket of goodies. Finally, dessert.

About this time I was trying a number…

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